About Us

Maximizing brand awareness and increasing revenue require a strategic blend of social marketing, PR and digital advertising. Our unique integrated formula is not only results driven, but surprisingly affordable.

Brands and businesses benefit from a fluid partnership of four top, hands-on professionals in the fields of public relations and social marketing. Stand-out creative talent; strategic, brand-building thinking; a tenacious drive for results, and tremendous track records built over a combined century of helping to build businesses have made Hot Ice Media a leader in the representation of healthy lifestyle companies and products.

Bob Speyer

Bob’s global marketing navigation stretched from Copenhagen to Caracas before he formed L.A.-based Speyer Graphix Design Studio with his creative partner, Janette. He successfully steered advertising and marketing campaigns for such giants as Disney, Time Warner Cable, JBL/Harman Kardon, and Fox Sports. In 2003, Bob co-founded Web Success Team to effectively market clients in the digital media. Bob’s expertise is in developing strategic engagement marketing programs that drive increased, qualified traffic – and sales and leads – to clients’ online properties and their retail partners. When he’s not online, he enjoys basketball offline.

Peter Berk

Peter has been steering successful, creative public relations campaigns for 25 years. Prior to co-founding Hot Ice Media, he was a founding partner at Crier Communications, where he helped develop the natural products division, a personal passion. Peter was VP at both Murphy O’Brien and The Lippin Group. He’s also a published author with actor Dick Van Patten of a non-fiction entertainment industry book.

Janette Speyer

Janette is a founding partner in Hot Ice Media, a digital social marketing, advertising and PR agency. Born in England, raised in Venezuela and living in California, Janette is a polyglot of experiences. She worked as an art director for Top Ten international agencies (i.e. Young & Rubicam, Grey Advertising) leading campaigns for GE, Proctor & Gamble, Lee Jeans and Revlon. Janette’s career pursuits led her to the digital media where she spearheads social marketing and advertising campaign strategies for brands in the natural product space. Personally, Janette enjoys yoga, dancing, Flipboard, and international travel.