Social Marketing

Engagement Sells
Your Brand

It’s all about meaningful, interesting, transparent content and 2-way conversation that engages consumers — who are happy to be communicating with our clients and brands.

Consumers are at the epicenter of the talk. Social Marketing gives brands direct access to engage their target audiences and generate brand awareness. It is also an opportunity to humanize your brand by engaging and valuing consumer input — and rewarding their loyalty. Hot Ice Media has proven social marketing strategies and experience to turn consumers into buyers.

New Digital Mediums

Flipboard Marketing Kit

Hot Ice Media is introducing a new service: The Digital Sales Kit. We have been using apps like Flipboard to successfully bridge the gap between Traditional vs. digital media.

The “sales” brochure is back! But, it is digital and enhanced. You can now tell your story in a stylish magazine using a dynamic combination of your blog, website, videos, PowerPoint presentations, and your social media / PR activities and reviews. It is portable, interactive, shareable and therefore the perfect sales tool.

It’s Ideal for the face-to-face presentation or remote presentation by sending the link. You can now impress your clients, drive consumers to engage with the brand and buy, and a whole lot more. The presentation can be both used for B2B and B2C.

Here are some additional benefits:

  1. It’s an easy and effective way to sell your products and services.
  2. Shows potential retailers and e-tailers your marketing support and can drive sales to their locations.
  3. It showcases beautifully in an email newsletter.
  4. It can be added to your blog and website.
  5. You can advertise on your social media channels or Flipboard.
  6. It’s ideal for trade shows and presentations.
  7. You can narrate your sales pitch from the magazine as your viewers read it.

Getting Started!
How to Build Your Digital Sales Kit

More information in this magazine

Listen to our podcast:

Build Your Business with Flipboard

Video Marketing and Creation

Nothing makes an impact like video. It can be shared, as well as repurposed for multiple uses and selling opportunities. Moreover, it humanizes a brand – showing real people and not a faceless corporate entity.

Nobody can sell your company like your CEO or your employees. We help create engaging and

impacting videos where you can “tell your unique story.” Then we’ll distribute your message via social media, influencer marketing, and public relations.

Video Services include:

  1. Marketing strategy
  2. Scriptwriting
  3. Art direction
  4. Professional video production (shooting and editing)
  5. Sound and customized music
  6. Social Media marketing and PR outreach

We would be happy to discuss your video project, how we would strategically market your brand and products through social media and PR, and of course pricing (you’ll find it’s quite reasonable). See sample video

Retail Partner Cross Promotion

If you want to increase your sales, both on- and off-line, Hot Ice Media has effective social marketing strategies to enhance your marketing efforts with both brick-and-mortar retailers and e-tailers. We work closely with your sales partners to cross-promote your products and services to reach more new and existing customers, increase brand awareness and boost sales for a win-win scenario for both the client and their partners.

Website Development & SEO

If social media is the lifeblood of any online marketing initiative, a website is the heart of any campaign. Hot Ice Media creates engaging search engine optimized websites that are fully socialized, with a strong call to action — generating a lead, an email captured download or a direct sale. Our keyword rich content and attention-grabbing graphic presentations keep the visitor fully engaged with intuitive navigation and longer on page activity. Our proprietary SEO programs, both on- and off-site, will drive double or triple traffic to your online properties.

Influencer Marketing Program

Hot Ice Media works with 1,000s of influencers and blogger networks across vertical categories such as Health, Nutrition and Food bloggers for increased brand exposure and to promote client products and services. Our influencers range from 3,000 to 100,000+ readerships and their combined networks can count in the millions. Whether you are launching a new product, need a boost in sales, want increased traffic to your online properties or retail partners, or need a cost-effective solution to reach new customers, our proven Influencers Outreach Program will generate results.

Trade Show / Event Marketing

Hot Ice Media excels in Trade Show and Event Marketing. Our tactics begin well before the show by getting your target audience excited about your participation and upcoming promotional opportunities. During the show, we, of course, engage attendees and drive traffic to your booth or event location. Post show, we continue the momentum and keep the conversation going about your brand through social media channels and follow-up.

Engagement Marketing

Fresh, keyword rich content equates to increased visibility, leads and sales. Hot Ice Media knows how to engage your audience and craft content to promote your products and services. Our talented content writers will boost your brand awareness through online properties such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and blogs. We create weekly social media content calendars that engage your audience, build relationships and brand loyalty, and turn viewers into customers and passionate brand evangelists.

Branding and Positioning

Hot Ice Media specializes in generating brand awareness for your products and services. By directing the conversation in the digital space, we will humanize your brand in unique and engaging ways that differentiate you from the competition. And because perception can be reality, we will also monitor and protect your brand’s online reputation.